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The legacy of Jimmy Walker and Jalen Rose

As the service ends, and as the many who’ve come to remember two-time NBA All-Star Jimmy Walker exit the Kansas City funeral home, Jalen Rose remains seated, his head partially bowed, his emotions visibly scrambled.
He is closest to the podium, where a steady stream of family and friends — representing Walker’s 63 years of life — sang his father’s praises moments before.
Rose, had he stood to speak, would have represented Walker’s athletic gene. Had he addressed the crowd, Rose could have bragged about how for a long time the two were the top father/son scoring duo in NCAA Division I history, or boasted about how they are the only father and son tandem to each score over 10,000 points in their NBA careers.

Rose, however, sat silent.

Story By Jerry Bembry

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Long Island Louse

So i was on a plane the other day and some guy is reading the NY POST a couple rows up from me….I see this kids face and i’m like ive seen this kid before….It turns out I was in Aruba in December and seen the white kid in this photo beat some poor kid up outside of the casino at the Hyatt hotel. I guess this one didnt learn. In the paper it states him and his frat brothers beat and pistol whipped some kid for goin out with his X girl….Now he is facing assault, kidnapping, and gun charges for bein a tough guy….his bail was set at 250k which the paper reported was posted 90 min after being arrested….it also states in the paper that this assholes father is an attorney at one of the biggest law firms in the city…lucky him….his friend in the photo wasn’t so lucky….nobody posted his bail.

I guess this is a lesson in many ways but most importantly if you ever see an asshole beating up on someone who cant defend them self beat his fuckin ass.

Check the actual article:

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Age of the Right Brain

Janet Rae-Dupree of the New York Times reports on the rapidly changing creative side if business…

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

I’M of two minds. As a matter of fact, so are you. And until recently, corporate America wasn’t doing much to take advantage of one of them. But now that we’re hip-deep in what has been called both the “Creative Economy” and the “Conceptual Age,” no one can afford to ignore the artist within: the right hemisphere of the brain.

Although popularized in the 1980s by the artist Betty Edwards in her book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,” the right-brain-left-brain dichotomy originated with the research of the American biologist Roger W. Sperry in the 1960s. Through studying “split brain” animals and human patients, whose brain hemispheres had been disconnected (in humans, this was done to prevent severe epileptic seizures), he found that each side of the brain plays its own role in cognition. The left side, home of the human language center, is the outspoken logical, linear half of the equation. The right side, home to spatial perception and nonverbal concepts, is the nonlinear, high-concept source of the imagination and of pleasure.

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Vultures Are Circling. Must Be a Foreclosure.

An article by John Schwartz of the New York Times

WITH so much bad news around — collapsing investment banks, a stock market that makes the Tilt-a-Whirl seem smooth, and what looks an awful lot like a recession — there’s got to be a silver lining, right?


There’s a fat shelf of books dedicated to the proposition that you can make a fortune off the misfortune of others.

Comedians say comedy equals tragedy plus time. But now the rules have changed: profit equals tragedy . . . plus greed!

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Don’t hate the player; Hate the game

The memory of Pablo Escobar
By James Mollison

My prior knowledge of Pablo Escobar was limited: that he wore a fantastic mustache, and put Columbia on the map as being the cocaine capital of the world I knew, but little else. So, when I was first handed The Memory of Pablo Escobar, a 350page, 3lb photo log of the coke smuggler’s life I thought, “Dang, this is heavy.”

The Memory of Pablo Escobar (Chris Boot Ltd.) sheds an entirely new light on the man villainized for his ruthless acts as leader of the Medellin Cartel that controlled 80% of the world’s cocaine supply in the ’80s, which as you can imagine was literally tons. In addition to the illuminating text, authors James Mollison and Rainbow Nelson took the unique approach of compiling photos from Escobar’s life according to seven individual collections, the photos accrued during their twenty-two month long period interviewing over 100 people (including Pablo’s now deceased mother, Doña Hermilda). Culled from are archival newspapers, friends or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, people who were devoted to the hunt for the well-known criminal.

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TRUMP- money, murder, and marketing

“In New York,” Trump says, “I can build a box as-of-right [within existing regulations]. Or I can get a creative design, go through ten years of community boards, and still get refused 32 to zero. Given that choice, I’ll build a box.”

….On the mild Monday afternoon of December 11, 2006, excavation was proceeding apace when one of the cats abruptly stopped digging. A small cluster of hard hats gathered. Peering into the pit, the workers could plainly see a violated grave: skulls, ribs, vertebrae, right there under the excavator’s claw. The bones were found in the northeast corner of the pit, where an African Methodist Episcopal church had stood until 1963. They could have belonged to slaves or abolitionists. Another, since discarded, theory was Mafia hit victims—there used to be mobbed-up social clubs on the block, and the church itself vanished in what came to be seen as a suspicious fire….

…The mob ties came to light on December 17, when the Times published a pointed profile of 42-year-old Felix Sater, a no-title principal in Bayrock. Like Tamir Sapir, Sater was a Russian immigrant with family and business roots in Moscow. The story outed Sater (who had added an extra “t” to his name, perhaps trying to avoid precisely this kind of disclosure, and now goes by Satter) as an ex-con with possible Mafia connections. In 1991, as a twentysomething hotshot broker at Bear Stearns, Sater had apparently gotten into an argument with a colleague at a Mexican bar. He resolved the dispute by smashing a margarita glass and using the broken stem to stab the other broker in the face. He spent a year in jail for assault. The Times article also identified Sater as a player in a pump-and-dump stock scheme, and claimed he had secured mob protection for the scam. In 1998, investigators looking into the operation had searched Sater’s locker at a Manhattan Mini Storage—across the street from the future Trump Soho site—and found three guns and offshore-bank-account papers. Sater promptly fled to Russia, eventually returning to New York, where he helped build cases against nineteen other men involved in the matter. Trump, for his part, calls the Sapirs “great friends” but avoids any mention of Sater, whose company is involved in at least four other Trump projects….

…Yuriy Vanchytskyy, a Ukrainian construction worker from Greenpoint, plunged 42 stories when a wooden mold gave way. The fall decapitated him. “This is what we get when they make us rush the job,” a co-worker said…

….The condo-hotel model where every room does double duty is a first for these parts. It has a few quirks. Trump Soho unit owners won’t get to put in their own furnishings (Fendi will, complete with the interlocking F logos on the rugs) or hang their own artwork (it will come from a rotating in-house collection). They won’t even get their own keys; the front desk will handle every check-in and checkout. One privilege an owner will have over a guest—after forking over $3,000 per square foot, or more than $2 million, say, for a 682-square-foot unit—is the ability to kick the guest out. Should one require one’s “room” on short notice, the management will relocate the guest to a similar unit. Owners also get a secure master closet to hang a few suits in. But “Possess Your Own Closet in Soho” would probably lack the original slogan’s punch.


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Mission Unaccomplished

Five years after George W. Bush swaggered into Iraq, America is still stuck in the quagmire. Revisit the first draft of history with Vanity Fair’s huge archive of post-invasion articles about this administration—43 of them in all—written by world-class reporters, including Sebastian Junger, David Halberstam, and William Langewiesche. Plus: Gail Sheehy’s prescient 2000 personality study, “The Accidental Candidate.”

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The Wire

An excerpt from the New York Mag..
Written by Bilge Ebiri

“Ever wonder what some of the directors and actors on The Wire were doing before they got the gig? One of the most refreshing things about the HBO series has been its willingness to feature upcoming young talent, both in front of and behind the camera. Which brings us to Seith Mann’s intense, touching, and very well-made 2003 NYU short five deep breaths, which helped get both Mann a stint directing on the show (he helmed episodes in Season Four and Five) and its lead, Jamie Hector, the chance to play young drug lord Marlo Stanfield.”

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Good Luck Next Year, Haha

Terrell Owens gets emotional after Dallas lost to the Giants on Sunday. He was upset over the attention the media was giving teammate Tony Romo for vacationing with pop star Jessica Simpson. “You guys do that, it’s not fair. We lost as a team,” Owens cried.

My opinion….HA!!!

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Aww Fuck..Here We Go Again

Iran accused the United States on Wednesday of fabricating video and audio released by the Pentagon showing Iranian boats confronting U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf.

The video from Sunday’s incident shows small Iranian boats swarming around U.S. warships in the Strait of Hormuz. In the recording, a man speaking in heavily accented English threatened, “I am coming to you. … You will explode after … minutes.”

I’m no geopolitical expert, but the voice on that recording sounds super, SUPER fake. Like a bad evildoer impression that a villain in an Austin Powers flick would do. It truly looks like fuckhead Bush is trying to get some Middle East beef poppin’ off in Iran before he hands over the crown to the next puppet in a handful of months.

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