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So Hot!!!

Ria Antoniou is a 19 year old greek super model who ended up 2nd Runner Up and will be representing Greece in Miss International 2008.

You can fine more picture of Ria on Kanye’s Blog….

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Can I Shine too?

Tracy Morgan is one of the stars of 30 Rock. We’re not breaking news here, but it bears repeating since he doesn’t get much attention. Certainly not as much as co-stars and critical darlings Tina Fey (who created the show) and Alec Baldwin. But, hell, even Jack McBrayer, the guy who plays Kenneth the Page, gets more love. This, we suspect, is because most fans of the show assume Morgan is playing himself, not an arrogant, dunce-y character. That 30 Rock (which returns October 30 on NBC) blurs fiction and reality (Morgan plays Tracy Jordan, star of a sketch-comedy series) only adds to the confusion.

Morgan isn’t much help in clarifying the situation. Sitting with him in a booth at the London Bar with his assistant Kenny, I find it’s hard to get a bead on the guy. He’s talking to me—actually, it’s more like rapid-fire free-associating—but not really looking at me. “When you’re in the spotlight, people want to dissect you and then put you back together the way they want you. But not Trey-Bag. I’m doing it like Frank Sinatra: my way, baby!”

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The Real Poster Boy

It’s a Thursday evening at the 23rd Street C/E station, and Nicolas Cage is undergoing an involuntarily face-lift. As commuters wait for their train, the subway-art manipulator known as Poster Boy stands in front of an ad for Cage’s Bangkok Dangerous, razor in hand, and traces a circle around the actor’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Cage’s face peels away as easily as a trading-card sticker, and Poster Boy carries it down the platform, where he’s been hacking away at a hot-pink poster promoting MTV’s high-school musical The American Mall. He’s been rearranging swatches of color, text, and body parts to alter the movie’s title (now The American Fall) and tagline (“Love and Dreams for Resale”). Poster Boy slices out the Mall moppet’s head, replacing it with Cage’s appropriately stunned expression. The entire process

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G. Ashford and myself at Kimyons art show in BK

thorough in every borough…ALL CITY

CODYS Pig Roast

Nike Block PARTY! ….Jared Liner(Recon) NIick(KS) Vinny Ponte(Rival) Danny Supa(NIKE SB)

We bumped into Shadi and his lady friend at the party as well



Next up Vegas Vacation


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SVMMR SLSTC // Rise of Futurecraft


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This is Great

Vaguely famous rapper Soulja Boy is currently taking heat for the above Cribs-style video (cleverly titled “Rich Nigga Shit”) in which he blows his nose on money and drives a Segway across his carpeted living room. Vulture, however, would like to congratulate him on his lovely home and commend him for doing exactly what any perfectly reasonable person (including us) would do with a modest fortune. A small mansion, Gucci sheets, and a bathrobe with his name embroidered on the back (which, truthfully, looks totally sweet) are hardly Hammer-size expenditures. And if Soulja Boy can’t roll like this, what’s the point of working in the first place?

Story: NYMAG

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Bernie Mac RIP

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Jocking Jay-Z

” chill baby girl, my girl is here “

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Staple x New Balance

Staple is back with another Pigeon sneaker…this time produced by New Balance…..haven’t heard anything in the streets yet…will update when we start hearin the buzzzzz.


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