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2008 July — Proof7 NYC
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Posts from — July 2008

Vory v Zakone - “thieves in law”

Stemming from the prison camp’s of Joesph Stalin - the Vory v Zakone have grown into one of the most influencial criminal organizations in Russia.

The members follow a strict code of rules and came to power in the criminal world by opposing the strict Russian government.

Michael Schwirtz of the New Times reports on a recent raid in an attempt to capture elite members of the Vory.

MOSCOW — It is unclear why they gathered. A police statement said it was to discuss “escalating problems of the criminal world.” Some insiders spoke of a conflict between Moscow crime bosses and of a looming underworld war reminiscent of the bloody battles of a decade ago.

Whatever the reason, when leaders of Russia’s criminal elite convened on a yacht in the Moscow River recently, the police moved swiftly to stop the meeting.

In black masks, with weapons drawn, commandos pounced from a hovering helicopter onto the roof of the yacht, starting a media frenzy when they briefly detained 37 men known here as Vory v Zakone or “thieves-in-law.”

Vory must have no ties to the government, he said, meaning they cannot serve in the army or cooperate with officials while in prison. They must have served several jail sentences before they can qualify. They should not marry.

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good ol’ u.s of a.

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Google Execs Launch Rival!!!

What is Cuil?
Cuil is a start-up search engine… started by three FORMER SENIOR GOOGLE EMPLOYEES! Yikes! Now that’s stiff competition. They say they can index faster and cheaper than Google.
When can I start using Cuil
Check it out right now! The site launched last night, and already Cuil has 120 billion sites indexed. “Search 121,617,892,992 web pages” it says on the front page on the day of the launch.
What’s the buzz in blogs about Cuil?
“Where Cuil excels is with the related categories, which return results that are extremely relevant,” TechCrunch says. “Cuil does a good job of guessing what we’ll want next and presents that in the top right widget. That means Cuil saves time for more research based queries.”
Who’s behind it?
With $33 million in funding, Cuil was founded by three former senior Googlers. Tom Costello, the CEO, Anna Patterson, VP of Engineering and Russell Power.

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Sooo Hottt!!!

LeeLee Sobieski

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Judith Supine takes Art from Street to Water

Judith Supine brings street art to the water….The east river to be exact….this is taking things to the next level….I can’t wait to see where this takes things and how the coast guard reacts.



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Zoo York Guerrilla Marketing!!!

If you think you know something about guerrilla marketing, you don’t know shit… Branded Roaches. Next Level.
I’m glad someone out there still has some creativity. This is brilliant haha.
See the video its sick:

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My lil Cuzo Jeff rockin the Crest at camp…play on playa.


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I’m the biggest narc that you’ve seen thus far

iChat Image(3651780544).jpeg

Hip Hop is Hollywood….

Thats a huge bitch….


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West Coastin

Kani Ashford a dear friend of the fam was kind enuff to model a couple T’s for us on the west coast….His Pops Giles shot these pics….Giles is a very talented fellow and P7 Familia.

Bong Bong and DTKLAMF

Proof 7 in the streets of LA


Stick em up

street dreams

P7 gets in between

Thanks homies…appreciate the love.

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Fuck off….

with this stupid shit… Apparently in Michigan they’re attempting to enforce a seemingly crazy ruling, based on indecent exposure law, whereby sagging trousers could result in a stern warning, a fine, or even a prison sentence, depending on just how much buttock is on show. This helpful infographic appeared in the Detroit Free Press so that readers could be fully aware of the legality of their, er, position.

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