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Once again Ms. Dunn kills it.

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Inside the Army laboratory at Fort Detrick, the government’s brain for biological defense, Bruce Edwards Ivins paused to memorialize his moment in the spotlight as the anthrax panic of 2001 reached its peak.

Dr. Ivins titled his e-mail message “In the lab” and attached photographs: the gaunt microbiologist bending over Petri dishes of anthrax, and colonies of the deadly bacteria, white commas against blood-red nutrient.

Outside, on that morning of Nov. 14, 2001, five people were dead or dying, a dozen more were sick and fearful thousands were flooding emergency rooms. The postal system was crippled; senators and Supreme Court justices had fled contaminated offices. And the Federal Beurea of Investigations was struggling with a microbe for a murder weapon and a crime scene that stretched from New York to Florida.

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The Fire Department will close a firehouse on Governors Island and eliminate night tours at four other firefighting units starting Jan. 17 to achieve an $8.9 million agency budget cut necessitated by New York City’s financial crisis, Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta announced Wednesday.

So try not to start any fires at night..

Courtesy: NY Times

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Proof 7 wishes you all a happy healthy 1….be safe and make sure you light up the night up.


Bong Bong!

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Daniel Boulud may live and work on the Upper East Side, but he doesn’t eat there. The chef told the London Independent where he likes to nosh for meals and after hours, revealing that his stomach takes him all over Manhattan. Boulud gets his pizza at Una Pizza Napoletana, his tapas at El Quinto Pino, Cuban sandwiches at Sandy’s Lechoneria in Spanish Harlem, báhn mì at Nicky’s, and “the best sushi after midnight” at Sushi Seki. He takes his staff to Daisy May’s BBQ, but his favorite meal of all can be found at the Four Seasons. “If I want great food I can cook it for myself, but if I want an experience I go to the Four Seasons,” Boulud said. He described the vanilla ice cream and cotton-candy dessert there as “playful, witty and very American; it’s childish but very professional, too.” Childish but professional? We can live with that. We guess. Jeez.

Where Daniel Boulud Eats in New York

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The car industry might be at its lowest point of esteem, but there’s still room to celebrate the basics — at times the automobile is a wonder of engineering and design. Design is a monograph intended for internal use at Mercedes-Benz, celebrating an often overlooked aspect of the companies success. Thanks to Wallpaper* a few choice images have emerged for public consumption.

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